First Snow

we woke up to an unexpected first snow
mauryn woke up and said "its snow its not frost!"

before they even had breakfast, they were out enjoying the skiff of snow

mauryn spent part of the time cruising on her power wheel

 landon immediately jumped into the snow
i thought he was going to make his first snowball
 he had his first taste {eww!} of winter snow

mauryn had to get in the snow tasting too!
it was so fun waking up to white on the ground
it made it feel more like christmas
of course the skiff was gone by lunch time
i can hope that we may get a little white again in time for christmas!
{i know my hubby and kids are hoping for snow in the mountains so they can get in some christmas time skiing}

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Kelly said...

My boys were so excited to see the snow at first...they had been planning to go fishing all week and were afraid they wouldn't be able to go because of the snow. They still went. Crazy guys! I stayed home in my nice warm house! :)