Summer Bucket List

last year was our first year creating a summer bucket list
the kids loved it so much we created a list again this year
some ideas are the same... the favorites
some are new ideas to our list just to shake things up a bit

the bucket list is great for me
it helps me have go to ideas for the kids 
it gets us out the door doing a variety of things throughout the summer

our list this year:
{anythings we have completed will be in bold}
- roaring springs water park {often}

- hike at deer flat nature to eagle nesting station
- go to celebration park
- sonic happy hour

- summer reading BINGO
- $1 movies
- bowling

- make donuts
- go to the rodeo
- go to settlers park
- make paper
- go to eagle island state park
{we changed our minds and went to sandy point beach instead}

- flashlight tag
- go to the zoo
- ride bikes to chevron and buy a treat

- popcorn/movie/game/pajama day
-make ice cream
- play hopscotch
- go to uswirl
- go to kicks for christ vbs
-library summer reading program
- make bubbles
- make chalk
- bleach t shirts
- campout with dad
- glow in the dark slime
- play use your noodle
- make sponge balls
- paint hot rocks
- do an ABC walk downtown
- go to the farmers market
- play balloon ping pong
- bubble painting
- make jello roll ups
- swimming lessons
- lemonade stand
- play jacks
- make pretzels
- make 2L bottle sprinkler
- movie night at settlers park
- make water balloon pinatas
- ranch trip

phew... we've knocked off quite a few things but with only two weeks until school starts we've still got a few things to cross off our list. even though we start school early, i usually keep our list up until the beginning of september so we've got a little more time to finish our list.

what was on your summer bucket list??
if you have a bucket list, what's been your favorite activity this summer?


JuRita said...

kristen! thank you for the note in the mail :) looks like you had a beautiful summer hanging out with your kiddos.
(i wanted to try the 2 liter sprinkler.. i saw it via pinterest.
I have always wanted to try the bleach tshirt too.)
have a blessed week!

{cuppakim} said...

you guys have been BUSY! i love all of it. so much fun stuff.

the ranch trip looks spectacular.
those donuts look DELICIOUS.